Monday, 20 July, 2009

A Beautious Expedition

Nothing's everlasting
life's roads are long and winding
littered with debris of broken hearts;
but it's worth all the struggle
for everything's photographed.

Nothing's everlasting
for hearts do indeed collapse
under the pressure of affection;
but with tender intentions
the heart does reverse.

Nothing's everlasting,
although we always can dream
and embrace the warmth that lies within,
for a calloused heart
becomes un-smothered.

Nothing's lasting,
for it all must come to an end,
but when in the arms of a loved one
the surrounding world becomes unfocused,
stopping in time.

The roads might be a little hazy
but for a moment, they'll be cleared
and perhaps you'll find your way
through the beauty of the expedition
that's raveling within your heart.

Love is never promised,
but it's worth all the risk
for the reward is a pair of wings
with hope of flight
without all the littered debris.

Life is a quest full of roads,
long, short, up, and down,
but it is only you
who makes the decision
which way to go.

The roads may be long and winding,
but that won't stop me
from taking a journey to your heart.
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