Sunday, 30 March, 2008

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It's Ok To Cry

When all that's around you
Seems awkward with trouble
When people surround you
And make your work double
When all you can think of
Is why do they pry
When words seem to fail you
It's ok to sigh

When all that surrounds you
Is hopeless and sad
When some people harm you
They treat you so bad
When they leave you so lonely
And tell you a lie
When no thought seems to comfort
It's ok to cry

When tears sting the lonely
And your empty heart aches
When your question you ask
Is why my heart breaks
When friends reach a hand to you
Once more you ask why
When you sit there and wonder
It's ok to cry

When you ask yourself why again
Your heart full of fear
When all around hurts so
Just too much to bear
When you need help understanding
You know you must try
When nothing else helps you

Ashes to Ashes (Sweet Revenge)

Words of love
etched on stone
o'er rotting flesh
decaying bone.

Tears of ice
grieving charade
prayers said over
a soul betrayed.

Dead eyes don't see
scriptured lies
dead ears don't hear
false goodbyes.

Revenge awaits
with bitter sweet caress
cut out of will
transparent actress.

Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
to you I bequeath
my contempt and disgust.

@Hellon 14th March 2008

Saturday, 29 March, 2008

I Really Miss You

Prince Charming

If dreams do come
true, why hasn't my
prince charming come
to rescue me yet?

Why hasn't he come
galloping in on his
white stallion and
swept me off of my

Instead it's like
I'm not worth rescuing
and I have no "prince

I should have known
that though for I am
no princess and I am
not in a fairy tale
where dreams do come

I'm living in reality.

A broken hearted,
shattered, messed
up, confused, angry,
sad, loveless reality.

A reality where I seem
to get led down the
bumpy road with many
twists and turns.

Never does the smooth,
straight road show
it's gleaming smiling
face to me.

I have learned many
lessons, but by far
the most important
seems to be...

My dreams will
not come true
and I have no
"prince charming"

Friday, 28 March, 2008

I Love U & I Miss U

True Love Shines Through a Yearning Heart

Tears streaming down a lovely face immensely drown her in melancholy
Clouding her once beaming smile which now reflect faded faith and belief
She unlocked the door to a loving heart but was left bitter and empty
No longer did her aching soul hold will to feel the passion of pure love

Gently shaking her head to rid these depressing recollections
Peaking into his affectionate eyes, she now glimpses a hint of hope
He's the reason for her captivating dreams and heart warming wishes
Patiently waiting for the sun to rise each morning to witness his smile

When she thought her world was crashing with nobody left to live for
Her heart sinking in sorrow unable to crack a smile on her chapped lips
His zeal shattered the shadows in her soul opening her tear filled eyes
She again can feel the beauty only true love can bring to yearning hearts

His comforting eyes solely recognized the sadness consumed in her soul
Warm embrace eased all darkness and misery she once called her friends
Heart given the wings to freely fly and explore infinite beauty around her
Endless dreams, countless wishes on sparkling stars finally found a home

Wednesday, 26 March, 2008

I Miss U

I Miss You so much

On the soccer field your so cool.
Even when you drool. Your the most
amazing guy ever.

After the years passed
I didnt think our friendship would last,
it was when i was 12 when i heard the news
I burst into tears knowing what i would lose.
it had been many years since we had talked
yet i felt a special bond between us.

The day i found out about you
was the most horrible thing to.
knowing i couldn't speak, yet
I felt like a needed to be cooped up for a week.
The weeks went by i i felt dread
I slept longer and stayed in bed.
Now you may not be in my life but you are still in my heart and memory.

When the thunder roars i remember you, boomer,
as my hero for now and forever. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Tuesday, 25 March, 2008

The Little Things I Love You

Bleeding Love

Darkness in the night, even though it's full moon
The moment is gone, nothing left in this room
History unfold, but I never expect this too soon
Shadows are gone, but still I smell your perfume

An arrow of love has emerged into my weak body
I saw you're there but then your light gone suddenly
Probably I was wrong, but I never thought this could be
In the deepest of my heart, it's only you the girl I see

Faintly heard, mystically I was covered by sound of flute
Machismo of love, but then it should be paid for good
You've changed your mind and you also change your mood
Tried to do my best but then it all ended in misunderstood

A right girl has come, but she's never gonna be my wife
True love that for so long ago, I've been trying to dive
A little love deep inside, but it should be ended in the strife
Bleeding love of mine, but I'll treasure this my whole life

Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

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Monday, 24 March, 2008

Really I Miss You!

Sunday, 23 March, 2008

Love Poem on Your Mind?

Love poem - looking to write one or maybe locate one? Whether you’re looking to find a love poem or write one – read a few tips below – writing a love poem is not as hard as you might think and the rewards aren’t easily measured.

A love poem is one of the most awesome ways to express love to that special person. Receiving a love poem is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Love poems need not be long, short, good, bad or ugly in order to work. Additionally, love poems are not very often used by men to express love. When I met my wife (she was age 29) she had never received a love poem - written specially for her – during 13 years of dating.

First, a love poem does not need to be well written. Generally, women and men appreciate receiving a simple, thoughtful, from-the-heart, personalized love poem and could care less about its quality. In other words, just write it and give it to he/she – it need not be very good – she’ll/he’ll love it anyway.

Short and simple love poems work best for me. When I say short and simple, I’m talking about 8 to 10 lines. In my experience, a love poem longer than that won’t get written. Pick out a few personal things about that special person and write cute little lines about it. Make it rhyme if you want, but don’t think too much about it – you won’t be able to write it.

Lastly, take a look at the love poem below – originally written for my wife. It’s cute, simple, from-the-heart and takes no talent to write. Also, I could care less whether it’s a “proper” poem from a “poetry” perspective. Don’t worry about studying “poetry” or writing a poem “correctly”. Forget all that stuff you learned in school and just write. After all, the point is to express love to that special someone – not win a poetry award. Give it a try – you will not regret it.

Crazy for .....

I didn't believe that one guy could make me
this way
Having your arms around me like that
makes me realize that all guys aren't the same way.
my heart was broken and your words were UNSPOKEN
you gave me courage and you gave me faith.
you said everything would be ok
you said i shouldnt worry.
you said they'll be another guy
and now look. . . im with you and you promised me
you wouldnt lie.
I'm happy that your mine
I'm glad im yours
i just want you to know. . .
your my only hope. [[:
ive never felt this way, ive never cared this much
i know its CRAZyy its only been a month
but its impossible not to like you this much.
your my life,
your the reason i dont cry at all
you have my heart, its beating for you
OMG i cant believe im saying this but. . .
[[long pause]]
i think i might be falling in love with you!

Friday, 21 March, 2008

I Love You

I Miss You So Much

I'll Miss You More Than Words

Always remember what we've had
Late nights spent cruising around
Gazing at the vivid city's lights
Until we reached our favorite spot
Watching lovers snuggle on the cold breeze
As their lips eagerly meet.
I could never describe the depth
On how sad I will become
On how my life would be so empty
Wakin up in the morning
Knowing that it was like a dream
For you will no longer be
The nearest person
I know I could always turn to
And it would hurt me endlessly
For no matter how loud
You'll shout my name
It will never reach to my ears
As you will be sitting
Far away across the sea
My pen will get dry
But for as long as I breathe for you
Words will continue to flow
You won't be able to read those
I know, so I'll whisper on the wind
All the words my heart carve for you
Until the day, until the next I will see you

Wednesday, 19 March, 2008

With Love : I don't miss you

I've kept every note you wrote me, every post-it, every letter.
I've recorded every phone call, never erased a message.
memorized your details off by heart, saved our computer conversations apart.
copied and pasted all your emails and printed them out.
captured every last breath you've breathed in a glass jar.
captured every look you looked at me on camera. smelt every smell you've smelt its not just a memoir
i even kept the messages you wrote in the condensation on the car window and stuck it on the mirror........

and i keep kidding myself i don't miss you!

Love Poem : Ending Her Cries

I looked into her eyes
I got lost in their depth
A glance into the future
Revealing the secrets she kept

For so many years she cared too
Yet we were both afraid to say
We avoided each other completely...
Every time, simply another day

She cried to me one night.
~Please help, I don't know what to do~
I wrapped my arms around her body.
~It is okay now, I'm here with you~

She told me about her boyfriend,
He cheated, and hurt her bad...
I told her not to worry...
But in the inside I was getting mad.

I held back my anger...
And I comforted her instead.
Playing with her hair,
She lay still on my bed.

I leaned over to kiss her cheek,
She smiled and turned to me.
~Thank you for being there...
I Have finally learned to see~

With that she drifted off,
I left her quietly sleeping.
~How could anyone want to hurt her? ~
I ran through thoughts, my heart leaping.

I met up with her boyfriend,
Swung out of pure love and rage.
A knife stabbed through my stomach..
~God where were you today?~

My head smacking onto the pavement,
My breath getting thin...
My vision blurred and fading slowly...
This was a battle I could never win.

As this darkness consumes me...
Light fills my eyes...
I am proud to have lost my life,
If it meant ending her cries...

Tuesday, 18 March, 2008

I Miss You

Miss You

Monday, 17 March, 2008

Friendship Poem : She Is

In her voice I hear sadness
though she tries to cover it so well
when I hear her laughter
my heart begins to swell

Pain has become an enemy
she battles it with pride
in our conversations
anguish, she tries to hide

She carries weight on her shoulders
enough to break the strongest soul
offering a helping hand to others
because her heart is made of gold

Her writing not complex
emotion weaves the lines
what lays within her heart
is what her poetry defines

Often offering words of comfort
expression sincere and true
a shoulder to cry upon
helping to pull you through

I don't need words complex
to express my love
she is an inspiration
and all the things above

Do I believe in angels ?
Yes I think God sent one to me
though she doesn't have wings nor a hallow
she is a beautiful soul I call ...

Sunday, 16 March, 2008

i miss you



I Climb, I Slip, I Fall Reaching For Your Hands

Three years ago we locked love filled eyes
There was no desire for speech; it was clear
Your alluring gaze held a beautiful fairy tale
Blissfully teasing me of our happily ever after
From that moment on you captured my heart
My soul yearned to CLIMB that endless barrier
To lastly reach the gates of your treasured love

Melancholy days passed without a word shared
The color in my eyes vanished; bleak hope fades
You left without a single farewell; days darkened
No desire left in my young heart to smile once more
Until the moment you walk back into my life again
I stumbled and merely SLIPPED on broken promises
Murky clouds loomed closer; hope no where near

It seems the haze is clearly; illuminating eyes in view
My heart just giddy with pleasure unable to sustain
Once delightful dreams filled me with joy at night
Now seem to brighten my days with carefree reality
I can hear your voice calling from a mere distance
Be patient my dear for I am fleeing into your embrace
Sorry dream boy; I can't help but FALL into sweet love

The Language Of Love

There is a special language
That we all can understand
There is no need to speak it
Or to sign it with your hand
Everyone upon this earth
And regardless of their race
Will recognise each letter
And so put them in their place

This language, it can speak a truth
That is far beyond compare
With no lies or double meaning
Or any innuendos there
It teaches us the ways of life
From he cradle to the grave
And gives us strength to face up to
Lifes biggest tidal wave

This language reaches deep inside
Our heart and spirit too
It gives a reason to believe
For me, as well as you
Come joyous times, with happy days
Or when life, it hurts us so
This language, it will see us through
More than you will ever know

You can speak it from within your heart
So everyone can hear
The message will be understood
From far away and near
You can hear it on the gentle breeze
As it blows from high above
A universal language
Its the language of true love

Saturday, 15 March, 2008

I Have To Let You Go

Your blue eyes are haunting me
Your voice is in my head
My thoughts are spiraling
On all the words you've said

I can see your perfect blonde hair
And hear the guitar as you play
I can't believe I miss you this much
I wish things hadn't changed

We used to be really close friends
But we both wanted something more
But now that I think about
We shouldn't never opened that door

I never hear your ring tone
Because you never ever call
I should've never let this happen
For you, I shouldn't have let myself fall

I really miss your voice
And the way you made my day
I miss how you made me smile
But now that's all faded away

You've found somebody else
And you've let me go
Now that I can't have you
My feelings really show

I miss our late night talks
And your comforting voice
But I have to let you go
I have no choice

You have somebody new
And I hope you're satisfied
My feelings for you I have to let go
I have to leave us behind

There's a pain in my chest
That you'll never know
And even though it hurts
I have to let you go

Can't Get Enough

I wish that I could just leave you alone,
I suffocate you like a mindless drone,
And I want to give you some room to breathe,
Because I don't want to hurt you anymore

But I just don't want to get you out,
My mind and I in a mindless bout,
Constantly loving you, hating ourselves;
I wish that I could just leave you alone

Days go by and I can see your blood on my hands,
I think I should kill myself in some distant lands,
And I want you to have the other man,
Because I don't want to hurt you anymore

The look in those beautiful gleaming eyes,
Help me God, they're the greatest prize,
And again I fall back in, helplessly,
I wish that I could just leave you alone

The blade is on it's way and coming back,
Please don't fall victim to my psychotic attack,
I want you to forgive me but I hope you don't,
Because I don't want to hurt you anymore

You always find a way to come back to me,
To show me that beauty as endless as the sea,
I don't know how you can hide the pain,
I wish I could just leave you alone

This is what always leaves me so ashamed,
My heart torn, broken, and maimed,
And you're always there for me,
But this time I can't be there to receive -

Because I don't want to hurt you anymore

Thursday, 13 March, 2008

I Love You

I Love U

miss u

I Love You : Always and Forever

If you hadn't made me believe.
we wouldn't be here,
lost in the moment,
watching time pass us by.
If I hadn't trusted you,
I'd probably be falling apart.
My heart would be in pieces,
I'd be on my knees, begging God for a new start.
If I wouldn't have given you my heart,
it would probably be shattered on the floor
with pieces missing & no hope for it to ever be whole.
I sit here and look back
at all the relationships I've been in
and then look at ours, questioning myself
Nothing in the world could ever compare
to the love that you've given me,
and I could NEVER repay you for all that you've done.
Your love means so much to me
and I want you to know
that I'll always love you,
that will NEVER change...
As long as you remember....
"Always && Forever..."

Wednesday, 12 March, 2008

I can't miss you if I never knew you

I can't miss you if I never knew you
Although Nobody believes that your death didn't affect me its true
When you were born I was just 2 months off turning Seven
How can I be sad if before I saw you, You were already on your way to heaven

I remember how you looked, And how scared I was to hold you
I didn't go to sleep that night even though everybody told me to
I don't remember the next day, Or any days after
It doesn't get spoken of, It was a day that went by without laughter

There has been times I've imagined how you could of looked

Would your hair be brown or maybe black?
Would you be an athlete and spend your days on the track?
Would you be pretty and attract all the boys
Would you of been a cow and stole all my toys

So many things that could of been but never will
You left an empty spot in everyones hearts that no one will ever able to fill
But I can't explain how these things make me feel
Because feelings are something I never learnt to reveal.

You still love me

Can you sing for me one last time?
With lexis that will forever
be etched in my mind?

Remind me that I was wrong.
Tell me that you evoked me.
Whisper to me your qualms.
Bawl your feelings out
and aid me into thinking
it was all a vast blunder.

Hold my hand like you're not secluded.
Touch me like you've never touched me before.

Smile to me like it's your first time.
Cry to me like you heed for me.

Please, make me believe that you were real.
That you were there... authentic and existent.
That I was once entirely happy.

Please, see me like you still love me.

Love is...
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