Wednesday, 16 July, 2008

Art Fantasy Woman is Every Goddess in Woman

Fantasy woman
every goddess in woman
I know a tale
I know an art fantasy woman.

There beneath the ferns
my Lily does prevail
a victim of her own
self induced
Such a garden she has known
such a flower
temptations met to know their invisible dance.

Late at night I heard her laughing
a chatter coming through my bedroom wall.
I heard dear Lily step into the forest
past my contentions
saying no
not without following a plan.
This world is actually quite small.
No rules can be broken
no path to discover
put your heart there on the mantle
and walk only
as you are told.

Lily dear Lily
fantasy art woman
how bold and free
how luxurious are your pleasures.
My fantasy art goddess
moved forward
past my still wet map
and bleeding gothic fairies.

Blindly she reaches out on stormy nights
that has always been her weakness.
No measuring of consequences
No watching for the mounted posse
planning her demise.

Lily, fantasy woman
every goddess in woman
rests in our own wishful smiles.
Taking chances
dare I say she is my hero?
Despite my desperate objections?
Beautiful fantasy that is Lily.
Fantasy art woman
I cannot let you leave my grasp.

I had never known that flowers dance
never thought that far.
It was Lily slipping past the night
ready for any enemy refusing her entry
who told me it was true.

I am Lily
I am an art fantasy woman.
Let me be
every prayer
I press between worn pages.
Lord Byron
Edna St. Vincent Millay
let me rest my head in your passion
read every line
know my own
be Lily
a fantasy of art woman
when I need to take her home.
Taking chances
dare I say she is my hero?

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