Saturday, 9 February, 2008

Get Paid to Read SMS Ads in Mobile - A New Money Making Concept in India

With 150 million mobile users, India is the fastest growing mobile market in the world. Moreover six million new mobile users are getting added every month. This increasing numbers has attracted a new advertising medium in India. This is called sms marketing.

In sms marketing the user has to register their mobile with advertising companies. These advertising companies will be contacted by advertisers. Advertisers target their sms sending option based upon locality, sex, age, user interest and many other parameters. Once the advertiser buys sms credit, a campaign is run. All the targeted users receive sms for which he is paid. A portion of this commission is held by the sms marketing company for the whole process involved.

This scheme benefits both the user and the advertiser. The user earns money on receiving sms and gets useful information reflecting their interests. Advertisers can reach targeted audience who may be converted as customer.

As far as the user is concerned earning from sms is useful, fun and creative. Many sms paying companies give credit for spreading this information. They pay a portion of commission for sms received by their friends. By this way the core business will spread and make more users in future. These companies also give special offers, discounts and coupons on purchase of specific products.

While get paid to read sms concept is still a baby in India, many Indian newspapers have said that this advertising medium has a strong base and will become a big boom in future.

SJD Infotech has listed sms paying companies based upon their importance at

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