Monday, 2 June, 2008


now is not the time to open
open that great door again
not the time to be more tolerant
not the time to play to win

now is not the time for justice
evolution mercy choices
not the time to pet the puppies
yipping with pathetic voices

now is not the time for kindness
not the time for compromise
not the time for loving blindness
not the time to close my eyes

now for one too many people
not that i have gained no good
heart has sown but flesh is reaping
tears to mind and wasted blood

now my inner wolf seeks equals
only those whose chords can howl
deadly whether lone or social
defending young or on the prowl

tell me not that you would die
upon the spines of my displeasure
live for me and for you will i
cherish each cell as if a treasure

put me not inside a cage
but roam with me through snow and sun
be by my side or breathe my dust
for i shall bleed again for none

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