Monday, 23 June, 2008

Dear my future wife

Dear my future wife whomever you are,
I am giving you my heart for free; you don't have to pay the toll
All what I am asking you for; please, don't treat it like a doll

Dear my future wife wherever you are,
Do you dream of me and wonder how I look?
Have you ever thought which fish in the sea will you hook?

Dear my future wife, where are you now?
Are you asleep waiting for your prince
To wake you up by giving you a kiss
Or are you trying to find me just like I do
And shout between the crowds "WHERE ARE YOU?"

Dear my future wife I have a favor to ask;
Take my heart and make its loneliness dissipate
Give it some warm love, make its roots irrigate
Let my heart dance out of happiness and relief
Let it forget all its sorrow, pain and grief

Dear my future wife, say Amen after reading this,
I pray that we will love each other forever
I pray that our love will not have "game over"
I pray that our hearts will play fair and we won't need a ref
That our heart beats will beat louder till they hear the deaf


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