Saturday, 2 January, 2010

The Girl I Will Never 4get

love at first sight

I don’t know, I don’t care if you believe in love at first sight or not, but to me anything is possible when it come to love. After 16 years of happiness and hope, my life if fading away just because of this one girl. Girls seem to be something that is really important in life, without them, you wouldn’t be able to be here. No matter who you are, what you are, and how you feel, girls will always be there to let you tell them your story or stay by your side and care for you. But why would girls want to help you out? They help you out because they are not as cruel as the boys, but they are as lovely as an angel that knows how you feel and how to make you happy.

I was thinking of starting a new better life after my horrible year at my old high school, trying to bring my grade back up, stay out of trouble, and go on with life. I wasn’t thinking of going to this new school in this same city, I was going to go to a new city where I can start my own life. But fate had decided that I can’t go to this new city, but to stay in this old city of mine and go to this new school. Going to this new school is something that I would never imagine, something that is unimaginable, unbelievable, and fateful. 

After all these years, I thought that I would never see my old friends again, but it comes to this day, where I met my friends back from elementary. Five years of not seeing each other, this friend of mine just appeared to me out of nowhere, I have the same class as him. He didn’t seem to notice me, but I have this feeling that I know him. I gave it a shot and called out his name, he turned around and then he noticed me. This is where my depressing life started.

He showed me around this new school and introduced new friends to me, but it was at this time, when I met this girl. This girl that I’d fall in love with, even though I don’t know her that well, but my hearts and my feelings seemed strange. I’d been through all these love but I had never had a feeling like this. To me, this girl is like a perfect 10 girl to me, she’s seemed so perfect at every point. She’s beautiful, smart, cute, attractive, but one problem is that I don’t know how her attitude is like. But even though her attitude is awful, I will always love her. She’s the only one that will always be in my heart, no matter how many girls out there are much better than her, but she will be the only one I love.

It’s also because of her that my life is fading. I can’t think at all, my mind is like totally mindless. All I can think is her, not unless there’s something that I have to think about, otherwise it would be her that will always be on my mind. My life had been depressed because I don’t know what I did wrong that make her seem to be mad at me. 

All I ever does was asked her out to the movie and be my date for the homecoming. She resisted both, saying that she can’t go or she got to do something else. Somehow, one of my homeboy gave me her screen name for aim, he told me to chat with her and so I did. I don’t see anything wrong with it, but somehow she started to get mad at me for some reason and started spreading rumors that I’m a stalker. How the am I a stalker? I don’t follow her anywhere; it’s just that we saw each other on the way through life doesn’t mean that I stalk her. It’s also because of she calling me a stalker made me went into trouble at school. I was trying to get to know more people since I’m new to this school, so I chatted with this one girl. 

She’s a friend of her, and she because of the rumors being spread, she also called me a stalker and started to call her homeboy out to start trouble with me. Made me go through all these trouble for no reasons. It’s seemed bullshit to me cause I didn’t do anything and all these trouble start coming at me.

Even though I went through all these and how she ditched me, but I cant seem to forget her. I tried but I cant, it’s like I will always love her. As a matter of fact, I still love her. I cant let go of her, she’s my life, she’s the only one that can change my whole life. I just wanted her to know this and give me another chance. All these time all I cant think of anything except her and death. 

Everyday I tried to resisted from seeing her, but I cant, every time I did, I hurt myself. I’d been going through all these troubles and pains and she still doesn’t’ even talk to me or let me talk to her. Anyway, life is life and stick with it. Enjoy it while you can cause once u die u won’t be able to understand. I just wanted her to know that forever she will be in my heart. I will never forget her.
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