Thursday, 21 January, 2010

I Love You.It is True...

You have times that you let me down,
You have times that you make me cry.
The only reason I do this is because I know you are such a great guy.

I love deep down.
You have my whole heart and sole.
Without you love is impossible.

I love you inside and out.
No matter what the circumstance may be.
I want you by my side for eternity.

I hate saying this, even though I love you.
This fact is true.
I admire everything about you.

You have me pinned.
I cannot move.
I am stuck right next to an amazing man like you.

You are everything I want and everything I need.
Also,no matter what you say or who you are by,
You are simply the perfect guy for me.

You accept me for who I am.
I never have to put on an act.
I can be me, and that is that.

You want me for who I am,
and that is such an amazing thing.
I can not get past the fact that you want me for me.

I love you for you.
There is simply no more that I can say.
I just hope that I end up next to your side, at some time, some day...
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