Friday, 4 April, 2008

I Just Need To Tell You

Watching you across the room laughing with that hideous girl
Tell me; does your heart skip a beat every time she says a word?
Because that is one of the emotions my heart has to go through
Every moment in my life when my eyes are drooling over you.

Seeing you with another woman is just tearing me apart
For all I wish to do is express the emotions I have in my heart
I'd probably mumble stupid words you wouldn't want to hear
Most likely my childish side of shyness will start to appear.

I just need to tell you how much you have an affect on me
That writing it all down would become another love story.
Every time I hear your voice my heart quickly jumps to hide
Stupid me too embarrassed to go up to you with a simple try.

Let me keep these words short; baby, do not get all confused
All I am trying to figure out is if you feel the same way too.
I need to tell you the words that I have been trying to say
If for one moment you'd stop looking at her to glance my way.

by Zeenat

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