Thursday, 24 April, 2008

You i said

Your the one who broke it off
your the one who said goodbye
your the one who shattered my heart
your the one i asked....why?

you said the pieces just didn't seem to fit
that it went against the rules to force this
you said i just wasn't enough for you anymore
that i was someone you no longer would miss

so i said i guess i can't try to fix what isn't there
that i would always love you and hold you dear
i wished you the best in life, meaning every word
hoped that you would never have to shed another tear

your the one who called me up
your the one who begged for me back
your the one who said that you made a mistake
your the one who said there was nothing i lacked

so i said that deep down i probably feel the same
that the way i cared for you didn't ever fade
that your were my first love and i would always have
a place for you in my heart that could never be traded

you said that you were honestly sorry for the agony
you said that you find a way to make it up to me
you said that you were scared to death without me there
you said that i was the one that to your heart, had the key

so i said that i was stunned because i could tell that you
actually cared but i couldn't believe it took you this long
did you really think you could treat me that cruel and heartlessly
after all you put me through, that i would never really be gone?

so i said that i was truly and deeply sorry
but i will never again be your "baby"
that i finally found that someone that genuinly cares
someone that doesn't just love me definitely maybe

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