Wednesday, 23 April, 2008


If i could capture the memories of us
I would never forget them
I would put them away in my heart forever
I would keep you alive in my mind

And as days went by I would remember you
I would remember the times we were together
The times that I held you forever
And the time when we were in love

For hours I would hold you and think of nothing else
But of you and me together, hand in hand
As we traveled into each others hearts
And through our mouths confessed our love

A love that would be with us forever
A love that gave hope to a life worth living
A love that guided us through hard times
A love that consumed our whole beings

And as we drift apart from sweet misery
These memories will never leave me
And in my heart is where you will always be
But for now we will have to be just a memory

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