Sunday, 27 April, 2008

I Miss You

I miss the way you used to be. I miss how you never used to act the way you do now. I miss how I used to be myself around you. I've tried to figure out what happened, but I don't even know when it began. I used to be able to talk to you, we used to be able to work together. But now you stare and freak when we're together. I miss the way we used to be. When life was simple and we hadn't changed. I can't change my feelings, I know they will never change. I just need you to be there for me, the way I've tried to for you. I know it'll be hard, after all the crap we've put eachother through, but please try for me. I think later we can fix what we've done, but I think now we should try to go back to the old us.

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