Tuesday, 22 April, 2008

A war between my heart and mind

Every time I see your eyes,
my heart skips a beat.
When you laugh at what I say,
my body fills with heat.

My hands shake when you are close,
bottled feelings want to explode,
but they tuck away and hide,
my heart struggles to crack your code.

Wanting to forget these feelings,
hoping I will not ache anymore,
they will not run nor disappear,
I cannot lock my hearts door.

One tongue-tied sentence after the next,
my mind becomes dumb, forget it all.
Rolling eyes think back to conversations,
but when you look at her I feel so small.

My heart keeps whispering, "Don't forget."
My mind says, "Hun just let him go."
Twisted into confusion when I see you,
I just can't wait for the day that you'll know.

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