Monday, 17 March, 2008

Friendship Poem : She Is

In her voice I hear sadness
though she tries to cover it so well
when I hear her laughter
my heart begins to swell

Pain has become an enemy
she battles it with pride
in our conversations
anguish, she tries to hide

She carries weight on her shoulders
enough to break the strongest soul
offering a helping hand to others
because her heart is made of gold

Her writing not complex
emotion weaves the lines
what lays within her heart
is what her poetry defines

Often offering words of comfort
expression sincere and true
a shoulder to cry upon
helping to pull you through

I don't need words complex
to express my love
she is an inspiration
and all the things above

Do I believe in angels ?
Yes I think God sent one to me
though she doesn't have wings nor a hallow
she is a beautiful soul I call ...

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