Sunday, 23 March, 2008

Crazy for .....

I didn't believe that one guy could make me
this way
Having your arms around me like that
makes me realize that all guys aren't the same way.
my heart was broken and your words were UNSPOKEN
you gave me courage and you gave me faith.
you said everything would be ok
you said i shouldnt worry.
you said they'll be another guy
and now look. . . im with you and you promised me
you wouldnt lie.
I'm happy that your mine
I'm glad im yours
i just want you to know. . .
your my only hope. [[:
ive never felt this way, ive never cared this much
i know its CRAZyy its only been a month
but its impossible not to like you this much.
your my life,
your the reason i dont cry at all
you have my heart, its beating for you
OMG i cant believe im saying this but. . .
[[long pause]]
i think i might be falling in love with you!

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