Friday, 21 March, 2008

I'll Miss You More Than Words

Always remember what we've had
Late nights spent cruising around
Gazing at the vivid city's lights
Until we reached our favorite spot
Watching lovers snuggle on the cold breeze
As their lips eagerly meet.
I could never describe the depth
On how sad I will become
On how my life would be so empty
Wakin up in the morning
Knowing that it was like a dream
For you will no longer be
The nearest person
I know I could always turn to
And it would hurt me endlessly
For no matter how loud
You'll shout my name
It will never reach to my ears
As you will be sitting
Far away across the sea
My pen will get dry
But for as long as I breathe for you
Words will continue to flow
You won't be able to read those
I know, so I'll whisper on the wind
All the words my heart carve for you
Until the day, until the next I will see you

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