Friday, 28 March, 2008

True Love Shines Through a Yearning Heart

Tears streaming down a lovely face immensely drown her in melancholy
Clouding her once beaming smile which now reflect faded faith and belief
She unlocked the door to a loving heart but was left bitter and empty
No longer did her aching soul hold will to feel the passion of pure love

Gently shaking her head to rid these depressing recollections
Peaking into his affectionate eyes, she now glimpses a hint of hope
He's the reason for her captivating dreams and heart warming wishes
Patiently waiting for the sun to rise each morning to witness his smile

When she thought her world was crashing with nobody left to live for
Her heart sinking in sorrow unable to crack a smile on her chapped lips
His zeal shattered the shadows in her soul opening her tear filled eyes
She again can feel the beauty only true love can bring to yearning hearts

His comforting eyes solely recognized the sadness consumed in her soul
Warm embrace eased all darkness and misery she once called her friends
Heart given the wings to freely fly and explore infinite beauty around her
Endless dreams, countless wishes on sparkling stars finally found a home

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