Saturday, 15 March, 2008

I Have To Let You Go

Your blue eyes are haunting me
Your voice is in my head
My thoughts are spiraling
On all the words you've said

I can see your perfect blonde hair
And hear the guitar as you play
I can't believe I miss you this much
I wish things hadn't changed

We used to be really close friends
But we both wanted something more
But now that I think about
We shouldn't never opened that door

I never hear your ring tone
Because you never ever call
I should've never let this happen
For you, I shouldn't have let myself fall

I really miss your voice
And the way you made my day
I miss how you made me smile
But now that's all faded away

You've found somebody else
And you've let me go
Now that I can't have you
My feelings really show

I miss our late night talks
And your comforting voice
But I have to let you go
I have no choice

You have somebody new
And I hope you're satisfied
My feelings for you I have to let go
I have to leave us behind

There's a pain in my chest
That you'll never know
And even though it hurts
I have to let you go

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