Saturday, 29 March, 2008

Prince Charming

If dreams do come
true, why hasn't my
prince charming come
to rescue me yet?

Why hasn't he come
galloping in on his
white stallion and
swept me off of my

Instead it's like
I'm not worth rescuing
and I have no "prince

I should have known
that though for I am
no princess and I am
not in a fairy tale
where dreams do come

I'm living in reality.

A broken hearted,
shattered, messed
up, confused, angry,
sad, loveless reality.

A reality where I seem
to get led down the
bumpy road with many
twists and turns.

Never does the smooth,
straight road show
it's gleaming smiling
face to me.

I have learned many
lessons, but by far
the most important
seems to be...

My dreams will
not come true
and I have no
"prince charming"

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