Sunday, 16 March, 2008

I Climb, I Slip, I Fall Reaching For Your Hands

Three years ago we locked love filled eyes
There was no desire for speech; it was clear
Your alluring gaze held a beautiful fairy tale
Blissfully teasing me of our happily ever after
From that moment on you captured my heart
My soul yearned to CLIMB that endless barrier
To lastly reach the gates of your treasured love

Melancholy days passed without a word shared
The color in my eyes vanished; bleak hope fades
You left without a single farewell; days darkened
No desire left in my young heart to smile once more
Until the moment you walk back into my life again
I stumbled and merely SLIPPED on broken promises
Murky clouds loomed closer; hope no where near

It seems the haze is clearly; illuminating eyes in view
My heart just giddy with pleasure unable to sustain
Once delightful dreams filled me with joy at night
Now seem to brighten my days with carefree reality
I can hear your voice calling from a mere distance
Be patient my dear for I am fleeing into your embrace
Sorry dream boy; I can't help but FALL into sweet love

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