Wednesday, 26 March, 2008

I Miss You so much

On the soccer field your so cool.
Even when you drool. Your the most
amazing guy ever.

After the years passed
I didnt think our friendship would last,
it was when i was 12 when i heard the news
I burst into tears knowing what i would lose.
it had been many years since we had talked
yet i felt a special bond between us.

The day i found out about you
was the most horrible thing to.
knowing i couldn't speak, yet
I felt like a needed to be cooped up for a week.
The weeks went by i i felt dread
I slept longer and stayed in bed.
Now you may not be in my life but you are still in my heart and memory.

When the thunder roars i remember you, boomer,
as my hero for now and forever. I LOVE YOU!!!!

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