Wednesday, 12 March, 2008

I can't miss you if I never knew you

I can't miss you if I never knew you
Although Nobody believes that your death didn't affect me its true
When you were born I was just 2 months off turning Seven
How can I be sad if before I saw you, You were already on your way to heaven

I remember how you looked, And how scared I was to hold you
I didn't go to sleep that night even though everybody told me to
I don't remember the next day, Or any days after
It doesn't get spoken of, It was a day that went by without laughter

There has been times I've imagined how you could of looked

Would your hair be brown or maybe black?
Would you be an athlete and spend your days on the track?
Would you be pretty and attract all the boys
Would you of been a cow and stole all my toys

So many things that could of been but never will
You left an empty spot in everyones hearts that no one will ever able to fill
But I can't explain how these things make me feel
Because feelings are something I never learnt to reveal.

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