Tuesday, 25 March, 2008

Bleeding Love

Darkness in the night, even though it's full moon
The moment is gone, nothing left in this room
History unfold, but I never expect this too soon
Shadows are gone, but still I smell your perfume

An arrow of love has emerged into my weak body
I saw you're there but then your light gone suddenly
Probably I was wrong, but I never thought this could be
In the deepest of my heart, it's only you the girl I see

Faintly heard, mystically I was covered by sound of flute
Machismo of love, but then it should be paid for good
You've changed your mind and you also change your mood
Tried to do my best but then it all ended in misunderstood

A right girl has come, but she's never gonna be my wife
True love that for so long ago, I've been trying to dive
A little love deep inside, but it should be ended in the strife
Bleeding love of mine, but I'll treasure this my whole life

Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

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